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Audience Forecasting and Campaign Pacing

Audience Forecasting and Campaign Pacing“In online advertising, how can I predict/forecast the traffic (number of requests) for a day ?
For a given day, I would like to get the estimated number of eligible impressions a campaign will have, in order to allocate my budget and implement a traffic based pacing algorithm.”
This question was asked on Quora, below is my answer.

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Proportional control pacing

Proportional control pacingNeal, JZ and I worked on this Proportional Control Pacing document last year with the hope that companies in the online ad space might benefit, and the “ecosystem” as a whole would be improved.  Originally, we were calling it Toilet Ball Pacing, but a more professional title won out. Internally we still refer to the algorithm by the original name.

So pop on over to Rubicon’s blog and read up on using a proportional control algorithm for better campaign pacing.

UPDATE!  A link to this post graced the pages of AdExchanger.com!  Scroll to the bottom, you’ll see it in the list.  I know, it’s not a headline, but it’s still kinda cool.